Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Shrewd Businessman

Ok, so I am listening to my favorite radio show, Way of the Master Radio, and Todd was just talking about how Kirk Cameron is hosting Praise the Lord on TBN. Now, that is just loaded with problems for the non-thinker. First, most thinking, Biblical Christians have a very low view of that particular station. Why? Low view of the sufficiency of Scripture, begging for money, lots of abhorrent (not necessarily heretical) teaching, among other things. However, I consider Kirk's hosting PTL a wonderful thing. What??!?!?! Why? Isn't PTL and TBN an abhorrent station?

Well, as I'm thinking about Kirk, a thought came to my mind - Kirk is a great example of the shrewd businessman. Kirk is a biblical Christian. I've thought about associations with people I don't agree with, and I'm just ashamed of myself. Kirk is, I believe, using his ability to "be at peace with all men, as far as it is possible" with him to get national recognition for preaching the TRUE, BIBLICAL gospel. I'm just ashamed. I'm so thankful that Kirk is using his amicable abilities to get on TBN. He's going to use his "soundly saved" life to preach to MANY people who still hold TBN high on the spirituality scale.

What does this mean for me? Well, how about I need to be in the Bible to become more godly, which will then allow me to have friendships with LOTS of different people, which will then allow me to use those friendships in a godly way to influence people inside of those relationships. In my view, Kirk is doing that with Paul Crouch. I don't always agree with his theology, but Kirk will remain friends with Paul Crouch in order to influence, Biblically speaking, those who flip through the channels looking for something "to fill the hole in their heart."

That's my view.