Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Today's WOD

Over the past year, I have become increasingly curious, as well as involved, in the paleo/crossfit community.  I remain a Biblical creationist and Calvinist.  While I've found a community of people who are, quite frankly, more loving and involving than many, if not most church-goers, I remain steadfast in the face of the evolution-based presuppositional arguments I've been presented with.  Remember, church - they are our friends.  "The world (system), the flesh (our fallen nature), and the Devil (Satan) are the enemy.  That said, there are some very out-spoken believers in the community (I refrain from saying "their" community, because it belongs to everyone, not just a faction of zoo-goo-you'ers), among whom is Rich Froning, Jr., the current and 3-time CrossFit Games Champion.  More on him later.

This article is not primarily giving an apology (reason) for my participation in the CrossFit community, though I have a few reasons.  It's to begin documenting a challenge given to me by Elliot Hulse.  "Do one thing for 90 days."  What is that one thing for me?  My challenge will be to workout 5 of 7 days, and not fret over trying to stick to one particular program.  I bring up Froning, because I will be following his approach to workouts - make it up on the spot, or, at least, not more than a few hours in advance.

Something you need to know about me...I'm a perfectionist about many things, except housework...(I'm working on that, Honey).   I've started programs and given up on them for various and sundry reasons, among which are boredom, lack of results, laziness, and miscellaneous distractions.  If I can stick to doing anything fairly physical for 15+ minutes a day, 5 days per week for 90 days, I win!  So, I'll explain more later.  In the meantime, here is today's WOD:

30 sec work/30 sec rest jump rope for 10 minutes.

3 pullups
100 meter sprint
AMRAP until fail on pullups

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