Monday, May 14, 2018

Robert Jeffress a 'bigot'? Guess I am, too...

Not much to say. Mitt Romney is finally saying what the rest of us have been waiting for - true colors (great tune!). The Mormon religion is not Christian, and orthodox Christianity is by no means mormon. What was the bigotry about? The fact that Jeffress slammed the theology of LDS as a heresy from the pit of hell. Why? Was he slamming the individuals of the faith as heresy from the pit of hell? No, unless you hold to the heresy like an obese person to their favorite candy bar. Which is what we see from Mitt Romney. Fact is, he likely doesn't even know what the truth about mormonism. Like the fact that Joseph Smith will judge the living and the dead... Mormonism exalts man. Christianity exalts God. Why is this important? It is all based in who created this world. If the Scriptures are true when it says that we are the clay and God is the potter then we're in big trouble some day for our sin. LDS theology claims that man can (some supposedly will) be exalted to the status of god, meaning they will rule their own planet and have spirit babies with their wives (multiple, by the way) which will ultimately inhabit their planet. That is not at all the theology of the Bible. At all. Nada. We see subservience to an eternal God who is spirit and "not a man that He should lie" (i.e., have original sin).

So, my Mormom friend, your theology is, yes, a heresy from the pit of hell. It is a dangerous doctrine. It is deadly and your belief in that doctrine will condemn you. Your ultimate desire is to be with Heavenly Father, is it? According to Scripture, if you've lied, stolen, blasphemed, lusted, or committed adultery, your part will be in the lake of fire, where the worm never dies and the smoke of your torment rises before the throne. It is not God's please to see you suffer, which is why He sent His Son, Jesus, to live a perfect, sinless life, die for your sins (once and for all!) to purchase your forgiveness (much like paying a fine in court gets you free from the demands of earthly law), and rise from the dead so you could live eternally with God. If you see your sin and need of a Savior, look to Jesus who completely paid for your sin through his death, burial and resurrection, repent of your sins and put your complete faith in Jesus and not in any work you think you can do to please God, because your works won't get you anywhere.

Where do works fit? We can talk about that ... next time.

Well, I guess I did have something to see today!

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