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Guest post: 10 Reasons Why We Should Read the Bible

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Reading the Bible is one of the essentials of the Christian life. 

But do you do it? If so, how often? What helps you keep the habit going? If not, what keeps you from doing so? Are you busy with so many things that you don’t have time for it? Or, you don’t find it interesting?

There are ten reasons why you should read the Bible. Let us find out.

What is the Bible?

The English term “Bible” originates from the Latin Biblia and the Greek Biblos. It means “books.” Specifically, it is a compilation of 66 books and letters.

There are other terms scholars use. For instance, they refer to it as the Holy Scriptures. Also, they call it the Scripture or Scriptures. Together, these mean “writings.”

The Bible is the Word of God. As such, it serves as the sacred scriptures of Judaism and Christianity.

Besides, forty authors wrote this sacred book. The writing work took them approximately one thousand and five hundred years. 

The authors initially used three languages – Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. In particular, Hebrew and Aramaic are evident in the Old Testament. On the other hand, Greek is in the New Testament.

What Does It Contain?

The Divisions and Their Sections

The Bible has two divisions – Old Testament and New Testament.

The Old Testament has 39 books. The first one is Genesis, while the last is Malachi. Now, these are its five parts:

  1. Law or Pentateuch – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy

  2. History – Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther

  3. Poetry and Wisdom – Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs

  4. Major Prophets – Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, and Daniel

  5. Minor Prophets – Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi

On the other hand, the New Testament contains 27 books. It starts with Mathew and ends with Revelation. Now, these are the five sections:

  1. Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

  2. Acts of the Apostles – the book of Acts

  3. Paul’s Epistles and Hebrews – Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, and Hebrews

  4. General Epistles – James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, and Jude

  5. Apocalypse - the book of Revelation

General Content and Themes

Generally, the Bible is an account of God’s love and wonders.

Also, it enumerates stories about good and bad people. It even features battles and journeys. Most of these are supernatural events. 

For instance, the book of Exodus depicts the escape of the Israelites from Egypt. They crossed the Red Sea, which miraculously parted in two by the power of God.

Moreover, there are narratives and dialogues. They come in the form of proverbs and parables. Also, they exemplify in songs and allegories. 

For example, the book of Psalms lists down David’s songs of praise. Meanwhile, Jesus’ parables are in the book of Matthew. An example is the parable of the prodigal son.

More importantly, the Bible narrates the life of Jesus on earth. The Gospel books contain His birth, childhood, ministry, death, and resurrection.

Finally, the Bible tells about the prophecy. Specifically, these are signs of the second coming of Christ. The Lord showed these to the prophets in the form of dreams and visions. 

Examples of these include wickedness, war, and turmoil. Also, there will be great calamities such as earthquakes. Besides, false prophets will emerge, spreading false teachings about God. 

Most importantly, the prophecy foretells about the final sign of the Second Advent. That is when the work of evangelism gets into all the world. Afterwhich, Jesus will come.

What are Ten Reasons Why We Should Read It?

  1. It allows us to fellowship with God.

Because of sin, we cannot see God. Fortunately, the Bible provides us means of communication. Studying it leads us to prayer, meditation, and worship.

Moreover, spending time with our loved ones develops a bond. The quality of time we give them strengthens the relationship. Similarly, quality time with God results in a mature spiritual walk.

  1. It provides instructions for life.

The Bible serves as a compass or guide for life. 

Specifically, it educates us with the lessons of life. Through the stories and parables, we learn good moral values. These are honesty, respect, love, loyalty, and others. 

As a result, our character grows into God’s likeness. Also, we determine how to treat other people well.

Besides, the Bible teaches us how to deal with different circumstances. We learn how to handle our emotions. Thus, we make sound decisions resulting in a successful life. 

Finally, the Bible gives us wisdom. Psalm 119:130 mentions that the unfolding of the Word gives light. Also, it grants understanding even to simple people.

  1. It helps us develop ourselves.

The Bible helps us know ourselves better. 

That is, we are children of God. He created us in His image. Psalms 139:14 states that God made us “fearfully and wonderfully.” Thus, we live to serve and glorify Him.

Furthermore, the Word changes the way we think. It transforms the heart and the soul. Also, it nourishes and grows our character. 

As a result, we bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit. These are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.

With these, we learn to fear God, as Deuteronomy 17:19 emphasizes. It leads to maturity in the ways of God. Eventually, we develop spiritually. Ephesians 6:17 says that “the helmet of salvation…is the Word of God.”

  1. It lifts our burdens and brings hope.

What are your challenges right now? Do these burdens sometimes make you feel like giving up?

Indeed, life is complicated. But have you wondered how Jesus’ life on earth had been? Do you think that the problems we have could compare to His?

God knows all our pain and suffering. Reading the Bible makes us realize this comforting truth. Then, isn’t it enough to answer life’s most difficult questions?

Indeed, the Bible gives us hope and encouragement. It inspires us to go on with life’s ups and downs. “In His great mercy, He has given us new birth into a living hope.” It is what 1 Peter 1:3 reminds us.

  1. It delivers and protects us from sin.

Sin has cursed the world. It has brought about negative impacts on our lives. As a result, we hold ourselves guilty before God.

Unfortunately, guilt hinders us from advancing in our spiritual walk. Also, it brings down the wrath of God. Thus, the truth of the Word cannot set us free from sin’s condemnation. Christ’s blood and righteousness won’t work well on our behalf as well.

Good news! Reading and studying the Bible gives us freedom from sin. Hebrews 10:22 mentions that it cleanses us from a dirty conscience. Hence, we approach God with a clean heart and sincere intentions.

The Bible does not only free us from the destructive effects of sin. More importantly, it helps us avoid temptations that lead to sinning.

  1. It safeguards us against false teachings.

Especially nowadays, the world bombards us with false ideas. For instance, there is misleading advertising. Invitations are enticing, only to know they are mere lies. Also, most assumptions are non-biblical.

Fortunately, the Bible is our standard measure. We can use it to test if something is right or not. Proverbs 16:25 says that there are things that appear to be true. Unfortunately, they lead to death.

Hence, we cannot rely on feelings, emotions, and opinions. They are deceiving. Comfortingly, the Bible leads us to the truth.

John 8:32 says that “the truth will set you free.” For instance, you know the truth about Christ’s second coming. Hence, with faith and obedience, it promises you the freedom of salvation and eternity.

  1. It helps us prosper and succeed in life.

What is your dream life? Are you dreaming of wealth or fame? Are you chasing freedom of health, time, and finances?

The Bible gives more than these. While worldly success is only temporary, heaven’s salvation is eternal. 

Moreover, the Word keeps life on track. Psalm 119:1 reminds us that it is a light to our path. Also, it guides our direction. Eventually, it leads us to righteousness in Christ.

  1. It explains the mysteries of life.

Life has a lot of fascinating mysteries, do you agree? There are many things we can’t fully comprehend.

Nature alone poses questions even science can’t explain. We can hardly understand some things in the universe. For instance, no one knows what life exactly is beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. 

We can only believe what science has discovered so far. Yet, not all theories and laws may be accurate as to what God knows.

Likewise, we can’t explain the very nature of God. Yes, we know that “in the beginning was the Word.” John 1:1 states it clear that “the Word was God.” 

However, we don’t know exactly how the existence of God all started. From where did He come? Do you have any idea?

The Bible does not reveal all the mysteries of life and God. However, it gives us assurance in Deuteronomy 29:29. Specifically, “the secret things belong to the Lord.” It continues, “...but the things revealed belong to us.”

Therefore, only God knows everything. It is not that He is hiding from us. It is just that our limited human comprehension can never grasp His very nature. We will only know the answers when we get to heaven with Him.

  1. It strengthens our faith.

When you know someone well, you learn to love him. Consequently, you lend him your trust. Likewise, knowing God through His Word leads us to develop a mature faith in Him.

Faith can move mountains. It means trusting God even if the world falls. No matter what it takes, we have an assurance that He will never forsake us. According to Hebrews 11:1, faith is the conviction of things we haven’t seen yet.

But how can we have faith? More importantly, how can we strengthen it? 

Romans 10:17 says that “faith comes from hearing the Word.” By studying the Bible, we learn more about the character of God. Hence, we rely on Him. 

  1. It leads us to salvation. 

Salvation is our ultimate goal. We work our way toward it. However, we cannot do it on our own. Instead, we need God’s power and the Holy Spirit’s sanctification.

Fortunately, the Bible provides ways on how we can earn it. John 3:16 gives us an answer.

Specifically, it says that Christ’s death on the cross has justified us. It has given us a ticket to heaven. To earn salvation, we need to have faith in Him. 

Also, we need to go through the process of sanctification. It means being holy and set apart from the rest. It is possible only through the help of the Holy Spirit.

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